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Chambers Expert Focus | Compliance and Investigations

Top legal professionals from some of the worlds leading law firms provide their expert legal commentary on the emerging stories, trends and insights across compliance and investigations law. Topics of discussion include anti-corruption, white-collar crime and international fraud and asset tracing


An insight into the investigation and prosecution of the European Parliament corruption scandal.

Edward Huylebrouck, Joséphine Doncieux | Bougartchev Moyne Associés AARPI

White-collar crime

Article and video

The extent to which white-collar crimes are actually punished in Brazil.

Roberto Delmanto | Delmanto Advocacia Criminal
Article and video

The use of criminal law, not to protect fundamental legal goods but as an instrument of intimidation.

Rodrigo de Azevedo Martins | Delmanto Advocacia Criminal

How can US law can define property fraud when the definition of property itself continues to transform.

Gary S. Lincenberg, Alexis A. Wiseley | Bird Marella

Medical cannabis


An insight into the German public procurement process in relation to medical cannabis.

Karin Deichmann, René Kieselmann, Margret Knitter | SKW Schwarz

German and EU regulation of advertising and intellectual property protection in relation to cannabis products.

Margret Knitter, Julia Posch | SKW Schwarz

The liberalisation of Swiss narcotics law and the evolution of cannabis legislation in Switzerland.

Daniel Haymann, Daniel Donauer | MLL Legal

Exploring the legality of marijuana, both medical and recreational, in a US employment context.

Fiona W Ong, Parker E Thoeni | Shawe Rosenthal

Does the approach taken by the Spanish criminal authorities contradict the CJEU's judgment in the Kanavape case?

Cristina Romero de Alba, Fernando A Martín | Loyra Abogados

The most significant legislative developments concerning the regulation of cannabis in Mexico.

Julio Copo | Mañón Quintana Abogados
Article & Video

The upcoming legalisation of recreational cannabis in Germany and the innovative distribution models that have facilitated the expanding market.

Susanne Pech, Jörn Witt, Jeannine Pettersson | CMS Germany


COVID-19 regulation in the workplace and wider society


The limits of the philosophy of life doctrine in relation to COVID-19 containment measures.

Kurt Wratzfeld, Christian Amort | Fellner Wratzfeld und Partner Rechtsanwälte

Exploring the maze of hybrid working in the post-COVID world with a focus on practical recommendations

Dafna Shmuelevich, Dana Cohen | Rubin-Shmuelevich Law Offices

The Supreme Court of India tackles the tension between COVID-19 vaccine mandates and constitutional rights.

Nohid Nooreyezdan | AZB & Partners

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