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Find the top Lawyer and Law Firms across UK 2023 in our e-Edition, now available to download per chapter.

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Watch the 2023 guide launch webinar on-demand and discover key findings from this year's research into the UK legal market.

About the Chambers UK Legal Guide 2023

Welcome to the Chambers UK Guide 2023. Search the legal market's best law firms and lawyers using the search functionality above.

Search for the top ranked lawyers and law firms in the UK and see analysis that you can trust. Our rankings are the most thoroughly researched and independent on the market. Each one is assessed by our dedicated team of experienced researchers using our unrivaled research methodology, which includes tens of thousands of one to one interviews every year.   

If you are buying legal services in the UK and need reliable recommendations on the best law firms and solicitors, then our rankings, editorial and analysis will provide you with the information you need to make the best-informed decision when it matters.   

To learn about how we conduct our unrivalled research and how you can take part, please visit our methodology page.

Chambers UK Guide 2024 Submissions

The submissions for the Chambers UK 2024 Guide have now closed, you can view the full schedule here

Watch our From Submission to Ranking webinar to learn more about this years upcoming research and best practices for submissions.

Chambers UK Guide 2023: Highlights

Chambers and Partners has been the leading source of independent legal market intelligence for over 30 years. We have more than 70 experienced, dedicated researchers ranking the best law firms and solicitors working in the UK legal market. This provides a wealth of local knowledge and market insight that you can trust to base your legal buying decisions on.  

The Chambers UK guide’s legal market coverage and analysis covers 78 specialist areas of UK law, such as corporate/M&A, banking and finance, employment, personal injury and family/matrimonial. It is grouped by regions, such as South West, Midlands and London, so you can easily compare firms across a geographic area to find the best talent for your needs, wherever it exists.  
We also cover specialist areas of law on a UK-wide basis, such as asset finance, energy and natural resources, media and entertainment, and shipping.  

New UK legal ranking tables for 2023

family icon chambers uk guide
EDI Champions
This is the first table in a Chambers guide that recognises lawyers who are contributing to making the world a fairer place. The practitioners ranked in this table are going above and beyond when it comes to their contribution to equality.
group rankings chambers hnw
Group Litigation: Claimant
this year in Chambers UK we have introduced a Group Litigation: Claimant table to recognise the unique offering such firms provide.
associates to watch icon
Inquests are becoming more high profile in nature, partly due to the large number significant terrorism-related inquests in the last decade. In the future we also expect to see more inquests of the nature of that of Ella Adoo-Kissi Debra’s. Accordingly, we have created a table to recognise the lawyers specialised in this area.
Gold circle icon of a world globe | Chambers and Partners
International Human Rights
This spotlight table within Civil Liberties & Human Rights recognises firms and lawyers that have been engaged in human rights work across the globe to complement our other domestic-focused rankings.
new research icon chambers litigation support
Public Inquiries
There are more solicitors who are becoming involved in the area and becoming more specialised. There is an increased appetite amongst the public for government and state actors to be held accountable, particularly in the context of the pandemic. The use of public inquiries by government appears to be on the up, which can be seen by both the Covid and Post Office Inquiries being set up in the last year.
Gold circle icon of a gavel | Chambers and Partners
This table can be found within our Public International Law section. It follows the intense focus on sanctions in 2022 after the invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent sanctions on Russia.

Reconfigured UK legal ranking tables for 2023

department rankings icon for chambers canada
Corporate/M&A in London
We have changed the names of these tables. High-end is now called £800 million and above. Mid Market is now called £100-800 million. Lower mid market is now called £10-100 million.
computer icon chambers alsp
Information Technology and Outsourcing
There is now a single table for IT and outsourcing in London. Our coverage of IT throughout the regions is unchanged.
International Arbitration
In additional to International Arbitration: Commercial Arbitration, there is now a Highly Regarded table for firms that are highly active in this area but advising on matters of a relatively lower value.
gavel icon chambers fintech
Litigation in the Midlands is now split between the more specific West Midlands and East Midlands tables.
sustainability icon for chambers crisis and risk management guide
Mental Health
This is now a section in its own right and contains two tables: Mental Health: Patients and Mental Health: Providers.
investment icon for chambers uk guide
Private Equity
Lawyers in Private Equity: Buyouts are now ranked in either High-end Capability or Mid-Market.
real estate icon for chambers uk
Real Estate
In London the former Big Ticket table is now called £150 million and above. Mid-Market has become £50-150 million. Lower Mid-Market is now £10-50 million. As with Corporate/M&A in London, this is to help clients find the most suitable firm; it is possible for firms to provide submissions containing a range of values. Outside of London, some Real Estate sections now contain tables for £10 million and above, and Up to £10 million. They follow the same principles as the above.

Chambers UK 2023 Guide: Summary

Chambers UK 2023 is now available online, covering 50 cities and counties in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. London, being the UK’s largest legal market, has the most in-depth legal coverage and insights. 

icon for department rankings chambers uk guide
Ranked Departments
individual rankings icon for chambers uk guide
Individual Rankings
to watch icon chambers uk guide
Associates-to-Watch Ranked 35% increase from last year
newly ranked icon chambers uk guide
Up-and-coming Individuals Ranked
individual rankings icon chambers usa
Women added to the rankings

The research for Chambers UK 2023 took place between January and July 2022. 

Regions in the UK 2023 guide explained

Latest Legal News: Chambers UK

Scotland’s legal year in review
Chambers UK Research Director Alex Marsh recently wrote an article in the Scotsman, discussing the latest research cycle of the legal market. 

Changes to submissions to Family/Matrimonial in Chambers UK
Chambers UK is rolling out significant changes to our Family research we are rolling out in advance of the 2024 research cycle. 

New ranking opportunities for law firms in Energy & Natural Resources
Firms submitting to Chambers UK now have more opportunities to submit to the Energy & Natural Resources category. Learn more about new tables for future rankings.

Defamation and Reputation Management Law
To even the most casual follower of defamation and reputation management law in the UK, this year has been an exciting one.

Work Life Balance in the legal field
The Chambers UK team discusses the topic of work life balance in the legal field and how lawyers are reassessing their relationship with work.

Which law firms have the most rankings in Chambers UK 2023?
Discover the law firms with the most rankings in the 2023 release of the Chambers UK Guide.

Data protection in 2023
Discover insights into the highly dynamic area of data protection and information law in the legal market and in the Chambers UK 2023 Guide.

The rise of Sanctions
In the Chambers UK 2023 Guide, we have included several new tables. One of those, Sanctions, has been created to reflect the intense focus on sanctions in 2022. Learn more about this area of UK law and how Chambers is recognising those law firms working across the sector.

An insight into the UK Covid Inquiry
The 2023 Chambers UK Guide includes a new table, Public Inquiries, this new coverage of this important area of law was created to reflect the number of inquiries in the UK. Discover the insights of the largest inquiry in this year's research, the Covid Inquiries.

Group Litigation and UEFA’s own goal
The Chambers UK team explore the practice area of group litigation and highlight a key legal case, following the Champions League Final in May 2022.

Diversity in Chambers’ rankings: looking at women
Discover key diversity statistics across the UK legal market as researched by the Chambers UK team for the 2023 Chambers UK Guide.

An analysis of the current state of the Competition/Antitrust legal market
The Chambers UK team discusses the factors and developments that have shaped the Competition/Antitrust legal market in the UK over the last year.

Chambers UK Regional Tour Recap
Discover highlights from the Chambers UK team during their UK Regional Tour.

Clifford Chance, Travers Smith and Simmons & Simmons advise on the biggest case of 2022: Hewlett-Packards fraud claims over Autonomy
Read about the UK's leading Solicitors representing both teams for the £11 billion Hewlett Packard case against former Autonomy executives.

Lateral Hires in the Chambers UK 2022 Guide and Rankings
Find out which firms have seen the most significant growth and had the most lateral hires. Listen to this episode where the team discusses lawyers' moves and trends of setting up boutiques and independent practice.

Gender Representation in the Chambers UK 2022 Rankings
The Chambers UK Team discuss what the team is doing to promote gender equality in the Chambers UK rankings, including introducing the leave policy, a key feature on the submissions for the guide. Listen to the podcast to learn about diversity trends for different ranking groupings, practice area highlights and variations of gender diversity across the region.

An Insight into Junior Lawyers in the UK Legal Market
The Chambers UK team explore how junior lawyers are gaining credit in the UK. Listen to the podcast to discover which geographic areas and practice areas are trending for junior lawyers and which top cities for partners are gaining recognition.

Legal Podcast on Trends Across the UK Legal Market
The Chambers UK team analyse the numbers that form the rankings of the Chambers UK 2022 guide and provide a unique look into the stories behind these numbers. In this podcast episode, discover trends and an analysis of the market.

Chambers UK 2022 Diversity and Inclusion Statement
We are delighted to share our D&I statement for the 2022 release of the Chambers UK guide which reports on the diversity stats in the rankings.

Meet the Chambers Legal Research Team

Alex Marsh
UK Research Director:
Commercial Contracts, Corporate/M&A, Investment Funds, Private Equity, Retail
Contact Alex
Steven Preston
Head of UK Solicitors Research:
Banking & Finance, Capital Markets, Consumer Finance, Employee Share Schemes & Incentives, Financial Services, Insurance, Pensions, Pensions Litigation, Restructuring/Insolvency, Tax
Contact Steven
Jessica Anderson
Research Manager:
Asset Finance, Commodities, Construction, Energy & Natural Resources, Environment, Hotels & Leisure, Planning, Projects/Infrastructure, Real Estate, Real Estate Finance, Shipping
Contact Jessica
Lydia Burt
Research Manager:
Banking Litigation, Civil Fraud, Commercial and Corporate Litigation (London), Financial Crime, International Arbitration, Litigation (Regions), POCA, Product Liability, Professional Discipline, Professional Negligence, Real Estate Litigation, Tax disputes
Contact Lydia
Francois Gill
Research Manager:
Aviation, Data Protection, Defamation/Reputation Management, Gaming & Licensing, Information Technology and Outsourcing, Intellectual Property, Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, Sport, Telecommunications, Transport
Contact Francois
Mohammed Abraar
Research Manager
Administrative and Public Law, Charities, Civil Liberties and Human Rights, Education, Employment, Immigration, Local Government, Parliamentary & Public Affairs, Partnership, Police Law, Public International Law, Public Procurement
Contact Mohammed
Rebecca Patton
Research Manager:
Clinical Negligence, Court of Protection, Crime, Extradition, Family/Matrimonial including Children, Health & Safety, Healthcare, Mental Health, Personal Injury, Social Housing, Travel
Contact Rebecca

About our Legal Rankings

Rankings are assessed by our dedicated team of experienced analysts and are updated every year.  Every quote you see in our editorial was obtained in the most recent research period. 

Our unrivalled research process involves interviewing both lawyers and their clients to obtain a view of each submitting law firm and understanding the level of service and work offered.   

To learn about how we conduct research into the guide, please visit our  methodology page.   

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