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Chambers Latin America 2023 e-Edition available to download.

Find the top Lawyer and Law Firms across Latin America 2023 in our e-Edition, now available to download per chapter.

Chambers Latin America 2023 Webinar

Watch the guide launch webinar and discover key findings from this year's research and learn what is new on this release of the guide.

About the Chambers Latin America Legal Guide 2023

Welcome to the Chambers Latin America Guide 2023. Search the legal market's best law firms and lawyers using the search functionality above.

Chambers Latin America ranks and reviews law firms and lawyers across the region, offering indispensable market-leading insights for those looking to discover the most suitable providers of legal services when it really matters. 

The rankings for the guide are based on the in-depth research our dedicated team of researchers conduct throughout the year, all designed to help individuals make informed decisions when purchasing legal services. 

Firms of all sizes across key practice areas are covered in our legal rankings. 

For a look at our methodology and submissions process, please visit our methodology page here.

Chambers Latin America Guide 2024 Submissions

The submissions for the Chambers Latin America 2024 Guide have now closed, you can view the full schedule here.  

Chambers Latin America Guide 2023: Highlights

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4 New developments this year
Chile: New “The Elite“ and “Highly Regarded“ tables in Corporate/M&A
Mexico: New "The Elite“ and “Highly Regarded” tables in Corporate/M&A
Mexico: New Public Law table
Ecuador: New Public Law table

Gender Diversity in Latin America 2023

We strive to work with law firms to ensure that diversity and inclusion play an important role in their organisations. Our vision is a world where important legal matters are always addressed with the best intelligence and professional expertise, wherever it exists.  

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our company values, which is why we are pleased to report that progress has been made in improving the number and relative proportion of women ranked in Chambers Latin America. 

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of individual rankings were awarded to women
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of unique ranked lawyers are women
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Key jurisdictional highlights
• Dominican Republic: the most equal jurisdiction in terms of unique ranked women and individual rankings awarded to women.
• Of the largest economies in Latin America, Peru and Colombia are the strongest performers in terms of diversity and inclusion.
• Chile and Mexico show the greatest room for improvement in diversity and inclusion when analysing the percentages of ranked women and individual rankings awarded to women. Having said this, on raw numbers, the picture is more encouraging.

Chambers Latin America 2023: Summary

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Unique ranked firms
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Total departmental rankings awarded
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Unique ranked individuals
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Total individual rankings awarded

Jurisdictions covered in Chambers Latin America 2023

Chambers Latin America covers a total of 19 jurisdictions, spanning Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, as well as all Spanish-speaking countries in South America. We also provide coverage through our Central America-wide and International Counsel sections.  

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Latin American jurisdictions covered including Cuba and Puerto Rico
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1 Regional section
Central America-wide
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1 International section
International Counsel
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Practice areas covered

Chambers Latin America 2023 Submissions

We are pleased to report an increase in the number of submissions this cycle. 

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The Chambers Latin America 2023 in-depth research ran from September 2021 to May 2022. 

Latest Legal News: Chambers Latin America

Meet the Research Team – Chambers Latin America
Hear from the Principal Research Specialists in the Chambers Latin America Team on their roles, experiences and what areas of research they are responsible for.

Chambers Latin America Awards 2022: In Conversation with This Year’s Winners
Shortly after the long-awaited Chambers Latin America Awards 2022 in Miami, Chambers caught up with some of this year’s winners to discuss market trends, their strategies in the coming months and years, and their perspectives on D&I issues.

Labour Reform: Chile’s 40-hour Bill moves forward
The social uprising and the public demand for change catapulted Gabriel Boric’s leftist government to power and sparked a historic shift in Chile, setting in motion a constituent process to draft a new fundamental charter, learn more with Chambers Latin America.

New Chambers Latin America Research Director
Read about the updates made to the Chambers Latin America team and the appointment of Jonathan Block as the new Research Director.

New Practice Area for Chambers Latin America 2023: Public Law in Mexico
Chambers Latin America announces Public Law as a new practice area for Mexico. Based on conversations with key practitioners and clients in the Mexican legal market, Public Law research will cover the relationship between individuals, private government, and other public or regulatory bodies.

Meet the Chambers Latin America Editorial Team
Meet and connect with the dedicated Latin America Editorial team who are responsible for analysing the legal market across Latin America and discover which section each member of the team oversees.

Reforma: In Conversation with Mónica Tantaleán, Latin America Research Director
Read about a recent article covering the research and ranking statistics from the Chambers Latin America guide and rankings for 2022.

Diversity and Inclusion statement
Read our statement to learn about how we have worked to ensure diversity is a key factor when conducting research for our rankings and the positive stats we have seen in this release of our legal rankings.

Meet the Chambers Legal Research Team

Mónica Tantaleán
Research Director
Contact Mónica
Catalina Méndez
Research Manager: Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela
Contact Catalina
Gianluigi Esposito
Research Manager: Central America-wide, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, International Counsel, Nicaragua
Contact Gianluigi
Carlos Contreras
Principal Research Specialist, Mexico
Contact Carlos
María Guerrero
Principal Research Specialist, Chile
Contact María

About our Legal Rankings

To provide GCs, In-house Counsel and other law firm clients with the most detailed analysis of the top law firms across Latin America, our Research Analysts speak to clients/referees to hear of first-hand experiences working with submitting firms, allowing our coverage of these top law firms and lawyers to reflect the market.  

To learn more about our methodology into research and ranking click here.  

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