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Chambers International Capabilities Quadrants

For 2022, Chambers Global provide the most comprehensive and in-depth legal analysis of the top law firms who have shown excellence in their services working on legal matters of multi-jurisdictional work.

Published on 17 February 2022

Chambers International Capabilities Quadrants for the legal market in 2022

The Chambers Global guide analyses and ranks the top legal professionals globally and features International Capabilities Quadrants in our market intelligence and resources to aid law firm clients.

Alongside Chambers traditional legal rankings, the International Capabilities Quadrants provide a visual representation of Chambers recommendations of which law firms are best placed to assist law firm clients in complex multi-jurisdictional issues and legal cases.

These visual representations of these legal advisors are split into 4 squares, known as Quadrants. The X axis shows a law firm's global reach, the Y axis is their score for strength and breadth in that market and depending on where a firm sits, its position illustrates its strategy and approach when handling international and cross-border mandates.

By plotting each firms' strength and breadth in one specific jurisdiction against the global reach of each firm's overseas operations, Chambers can provide a visual display of the different combinations and advantages each law firm can offer in a cross-border matter and to those looking to purchase legal services. 

Taking account of the rankings across a wide range of relevant practice areas, these quadrants compare firms which have vastly different structures and approaches towards international work in the legal market.

The market research and analysis that forms the data for Chambers International Capabilities Quadrants

As part of our in-depth research into each legal market, as well as speaking with a wide cross-section of leading figures in each jurisdiction, we are also draw upon the vast wealth of information, from law firm submissions and market commentary to reference feedback gathered during local jurisdictional research. This provides the data behind our quadrant visualizations.

These Chambersfinding and analysis add to our traditional legal rankings and editorial. And therefore, further help law firm clients make better informed decisions about who they choose to hire and instruct for their legal requirements, for complex type of work across the global legal market.

Why Chambers uses Quadrants to identify the top law firms to assist in complex multi-jurisdictional legal matters?

Quadrants enable us to display how all the ranked firms in that table fit into the spectrum of different approaches to international work in one place. This approach allows the Chambers Global team to offer unique and highly desired insights on the ranked law firms which allow clients to choose firms based on what would best suit their needs.

The data behind the Chambers International Capabilities Quadrants

The Global Reach measured along the x-axis of our quadrants is a count of how many jurisdictions a law firm has relevant Chambers rankings in. This will change depending on whether the quadrant is depicting overall International Capabilities, or whether only showing contentious or transactional Capabilities or whether focusing on an industry sector, like Energy or Life Sciences, as in the case of our UK and USA coverage.

The Strength and Breadth score, plotted on the Y-axis, is calculated by identifying which are the key and most important drivers of international and cross-border work in that jurisdiction and then reviewing the strength of each law firm's standing in those specific practice areas.

The quadrants available for the Chambers Global guide 2022

As we continue to expand our coverage of the global legal market, for the 2022 edition of the Chambers Global guide and legal rankings, we offer 53 quadrants.

The Quadrant visualizations are unique to this category in the Global Guide and many of the ranking tables have a corresponding Quadrant to aid decision makers and provide the legal market with market-first insights and intelligence.

How to utilise the Chambers International Capabilities Quadrants

Once viewing a quadrant on a law firm's approach to international is illustrated by where they are plotted on the International Capabilities Quadrant.

These are separated out into the following: 

  • Specialised firms which excel in a particular niche gravitate towards the lower left.
  • Elite firms which are primarily resourced locally but experienced internationally towards the upper left,
  • Firms which focus on in-house global presence and international clients gravitate towards the lower right and finally, 
  • Firms which combine all these aspects in the upper right.

You can also click on each law firm in the quadrant to discover more information on their practice, which include details on its strength and breadth score and its global reach. You can also go to the firm's Chambers profile and editorial for additional information by using the link presented.

Global Jurisdictions covered in Chambers International Capabilities

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