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UK Bar London (Bar) Competition Law

This section encompasses contentious and non-contentious matters arising under EU, domestic and international competition law, including cartels, abuse of a dominant market position, state aid and merger control. Please note that public procurement work is considered under Public Procurement.

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Band 1
  1. 1
    Brick Court Chambers
    Competition Law
    2023 | Band 1 | 10 Years Ranked
    Brick Court Chambers hosts an enviable bench of competition law barristers at all levels of seniority, receiving instructions in the most significant cases of the day. Individuals act on both sides of major infringement actions involving the CMA or the European Commission, and represent both claimants and defendants in follow-on damages claims. Notably, the barristers have been involved at the centre of novel attempts to bring large-scale collective actions in the UK courts, following decisions in respect of the trucks and forex cartels and other prominent matters. Members appeared before the Supreme Court on behalf of both Mastercard and the representative claimant Walter Merricks, as part of a case seeking to establish whether such a claim could be brought on behalf of over 46 million consumers affected by the setting of rates for interchange fees. The barristers have also been involved in some of the key FRAND cases of recent years. They act for the CMA, claimants and corporate defendants in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and financial services.
  2. 1
    Monckton Chambers
    Competition Law
    2023 | Band 1 | 10 Years Ranked
    Monckton Chambers is renowned for its superb ability in complex competition law mandates across a breadth of key areas. Members regularly appear before the CAT, the UK appellate courts and the European Court of Justice, representing clients on both sides of infringement decision appeals and follow-on damages claims. The set also stands out for the frequency with which its members represent major parties in disputed merger control proceedings in the technology or chemicals industries, among other sectors. Members further advise key UK public bodies, including acting as standing counsel to regulators, and defending both UK and European competition authorities in disputed cartel investigations. The set has seen members active in many of the leading cases – a key example being Paul Harris KC's successful representation of Walter Merricks, the class representative in the proposed interchange fee collective action, before the Supreme Court.
Band 2
  1. 2
    Blackstone Chambers
    Competition Law
    2023 | Band 2 | 10 Years Ranked
    Blackstone barristers act across an impressive range of competition matters. Benefiting from a strong background in public law, the set is a superb choice for applications for judicial review of the CMA and other UK regulators' decisions. Members act in leading cases in the technology and financial services sectors, including litigation relating to standard-essential patents, alleged market manipulation and abuse of dominance. They have been instructed in the largest follow-on damages actions in both UK and EU courts, including those concerning forex and interchange fees. They also feature prominently in novel collective action cases.
Band 3
  1. 3
    Matrix Chambers
    Competition Law
    2023 | Band 3 | 4 Years Ranked
    Benefiting from impressive broader public and EU law practices, Matrix Chambers offers expertise across a wide range of competition matters. Members offer significant experience in follow-on damages claims, including the proposed collective action for damages in the trucks cartel. The barristers are called upon to represent authorities including Ofgem in infringement proceedings, appeals and judicial review, and have also been instructed by the European Commission on a number of occasions.
  2. 3
    One Essex Court
    Competition Law
    2023 | Band 3 | 10 Years Ranked
    One Essex Court brings its members' formidable expertise in commercial litigation to bear in some of the largest competition litigation in the English courts. The barristers represent defendants and claimants in follow-on damages cases, regulatory challenges and distribution disputes. The set is active before courts and tribunals at all levels, from the CAT to the Supreme Court. Members have taken key roles in major cases such as the interchange litigation, and competition law claims arising from the LIBOR rigging scandal.