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UK Bar London (Bar) Commercial Dispute Resolution

This section ranks those sets and individuals that advise on civil litigation, principally on behalf of businesses and high net worth individuals. This is an intentionally broad category, and the sets which rank most highly tend to demonstrate genuine strength in a wide array of disciplines.

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Band 1
  1. 1
    3 Verulam Buildings
    Commercial Dispute Resolution
    2023 | Band 1 | 18 Years Ranked
    3 Verulam Buildings' market-leading reputation arises out of its involvement in headline-grabbing commercial cases. Recent highlights include the major cases of Republic of Kazakhstan v Stati et al, Libyan Investment Authority v King, and SKAT (The Danish Customs & Tax Administration) v Solo Capital Partners LLP. With a deep bench of highly ranked individuals, the set boasts some of the strongest practitioners in the market. One source says: "The set never fails to provide somebody with the right experience for any case. It's well resourced, with great strength in depth, and has a wonderful clerking team."
  2. 1
    Brick Court Chambers
    Commercial Dispute Resolution
    2023 | Band 1 | 18 Years Ranked
    Brick Court lays claim to some of the leading practitioners in the market. Its barristers are regularly involved in the highest-value and most high-profile matters. Recent highlights for members have included: Blue Power Group v Eni SpA, Municipia de Mariana v BHP Billiton, DBS Bank HK v Pan Jing, and Phones4U v O2 & Others. With capabilities across numerous jurisdictions and success in the highest courts, Brick Court is known as a set with "excellent breadth and depth and very commercially aware barristers." Sources say: "It is an outstanding chambers with quality across the board."
  3. 1
    Essex Court Chambers
    Commercial Dispute Resolution
    2023 | Band 1 | 18 Years Ranked
    Essex Court Chambers is regularly involved in some of the highest-value domestic and international commercial disputes. Recent highlights include: Republic of Mozambique v Credit Suisse, PCP Capital Partners LLP v Barclays Plc, and Vale SA & Others v Steinmetz & Others. The set has a deep pool of experts capable of handling commercial cases arising from many different legal areas, such as banking, civil fraud, energy and shipping, to name but a few. The set is praised by instructing solicitors for being "always one of the top options for complex commercial disputes."
  4. 1
    Fountain Court Chambers
    Commercial Dispute Resolution
    2023 | Band 1 | 18 Years Ranked
    Fountain Court houses talented commercial litigators at all levels of seniority. Its barristers are regulars in the highest-value and most eye-catching cases of the day, routinely appearing in the Commercial Court, Financial List and Chancery Division. Although best known for their skill in banking and finance cases, they undertake a truly broad sweep of work and have involvement in major matters across the commercial spectrum. Recent examples of significant cases handled include: Law Debenture v Ukraine, The ECU Group Plc v HSBC Bank UK, Crown Prosecution Service v Aquila Advisory Limited, and The Ingenious Litigation. Commentators state: "The depth of expertise is second to none - they are leaders in their fields."
  5. 1
    One Essex Court
    Commercial Dispute Resolution
    2023 | Band 1 | 18 Years Ranked
    A set with profound commercial expertise that counts within its ranks a number of the most well-known litigation barristers in the market. Solicitors select One Essex Court for the choicest disputes. Members have been involved in some of the most highly publicised cases of recent times, including Hewlett-Packard/Autonomy v Lynch & Another, The ECU Group Plc v HSBC Bank UK Plc, Various Claimants v G4S, and Deutsche Bank AG v Lehman Brothers (in admin). With its exceptional record across the market, the set is widely held to be "one of the top commercial sets for a reason - it just has incredibly strong barristers."
Band 2
  1. 2
    7 King's Bench Walk
    Commercial Dispute Resolution
    2023 | Band 2 | 18 Years Ranked
    A strong set with pronounced litigation experience across the commercial market that boasts widely recognised barristers capable of handling complex pieces of litigation. Recent examples include The Financial Conduct Authority v Arch Insurance (UK) and Others, Carillion Plc v KPMG, and Manchester Building Society v Grant Thornton - a highly important case decided by the Supreme Court which had a major impact on the scope of commercial liability in English law. The lawyers here display a particular acumen for cases involving shipping and insurance. One solicitor commented: "If the case is complex and needs hard work and strong legal understanding, 7 King's Bench Walk is my go-to set."
  2. 2
    Blackstone Chambers
    Commercial Dispute Resolution
    2023 | Band 2 | 18 Years Ranked
    "A natural first port of call for complex and sophisticated matters," Blackstone Chambers is "readily able to handle the most complex multi-jurisdictional disputes." Its barristers are au fait with all manner of commercial cases and are also particularly noted for their acumen in the fraud, financial services, sports law and competition worlds. They regularly get their teeth into the major cases of the day such as Rowe & Others v Ingenious Media Holdings Ltd concerning claims by over 500 investors who seek damages after HMRC rejected £620 million worth of expected tax relief, and Municipio de Mariana v BHP Group plc and BHP Group Ltd, a claim brought by more than 200,000 Brazilian claimants in relation to the collapse of the Fundão Dam in Brazil in 2015. Other recent matters of note include PCP Capital Partners LLP, PCP International Finance Limited v Barclays Bank plc, Heritage Travel and Tourism Ltd v Windhorst, and Republic of Mozambique v Credit Suisse. Commentators beat a path to the set's door due to the fact that the set is "brimming with barristers of the highest calibre."
  3. 2
    Serle Court
    Commercial Dispute Resolution
    2023 | Band 2 | 18 Years Ranked
    A regular presence in the Commercial Court and Chancery Division, Serle Court is a set noted for its work on extremely high-value commercial disputes, particularly those involving civil fraud. Individuals at the set regularly guide clients through the most stressful and complex cases in the market, many of which are international in scope. Recent cases include Qatar v Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, HMRC v General Electric, and The RBS Rights Issue Litigation. Chambers is especially well known for the work it does in jurisdictions such as Jersey, Guernsey, DIFC, Cayman, Bermuda and BVI, and is known for being a "very strong set for commercial disputes of all kinds."
  4. 2
    Twenty Essex
    Commercial Dispute Resolution
    2023 | Band 2 | 18 Years Ranked
    Twenty Essex has excellent commercial litigation capability and barristers who are experienced in arguing matters in all of the highest courts, a recent example being Process & Industrial Developments v Federal Republic of Nigeria. Valued at USD10 billion, this fraud case is very high-profile both in Nigeria and internationally and is alleged to be worth more than the combined annual Nigerian health, education and defence budgets. The set also continues to work on Republic of Mozambique v Credit Suisse, Privinvest & Others, a highly complex case valued at USD2 billion, involving allegations of fraud, bribery and corruption and conspiracy and with the ex-President and current President of Mozambique as named defendants. Barristers here have skill in a number of areas including intellectual property, insurance, shipping, international arbitration, and energy, and are particularly noted for their expertise in private international law. Solicitors say: "The set provides excellent, technical advice on complex areas of law delivered in a straightforward fashion."
Band 3
  1. 3
    4 Stone Buildings
    Commercial Dispute Resolution
    2023 | Band 3 | 10 Years Ranked
    4 Stone Buildings marshals considerable litigation experience and has long experience of appearing in landmark disputes. Recent examples include Avonwick Holdings Ltd v Azitio Holdings Ltd before the Court of Appeal, a case arising from a dispute between three extremely wealthy Ukrainian oligarchs involving complex allegations of deceit, issues of causation, and disputes over choice of law. Other huge cases include Autonomy Corporation v Dr Michael Lynch (the ‘Hewlett-Packard’ litigation), a USD5 billion case stemming from the USD12 billion takeover by HP of Autonomy which is the largest ever claim against an individual in the UK.
  2. 3
    Maitland Chambers
    Commercial Dispute Resolution
    2023 | Band 3 | 18 Years Ranked
    Maitland Chambers is a set whose members are well versed in a wide range of areas of commercial litigation, and who are especially well known for handling company and insolvency-related disputes and cases involving allegations of civil fraud. Members are regularly involved in international cases, and are routinely selected to appear in the most complex of trials. Recent work includes Tillman v Lloyds Bank & Better Capital LLP, a conspiracy claim for £150 million brought by a prominent entrepreneur against a bank and private equity vehicle arising out of the acquisition of Jaeger and Aquascutum. An additional work highlight saw Christopher Pymont KC acting on Ali Mahmoud Hassan Mohamed v Breish before the Commercial Court, a case concerning who is properly entitled to control the very considerable UK assets of the sovereign wealth fund of Libya, the Libyan Investment Authority. Interviewees state: "The set has a very capable pool of counsel ready, willing and considerably able to handle complex and sophisticated matters."
  3. 3
    Quadrant Chambers
    Commercial Dispute Resolution
    2023 | Band 3 | 11 Years Ranked
    Members of Quadrant Chambers maintain busy commercial dispute practices and regularly receive an abundance of both domestic and international instructions. Recently, members have acted in a slew of high-profile cases such as Global Display Solutions v NCR Corporation before the Court of Appeal, representing NCR, the significant cash register and automated till manufacturer, in a bitter battle between NCR and GDS over the termination of a long-term supply contract. Barristers also acted for Selevision, a Saudi-based TV rights company in Selevision v BeIN in an ongoing arbitration and litigation against BeIN for breach of a distribution agreement concerning the distribution and transmission of UEFA Champions League matches in the Middle East. The barristers are highlighted for their insight on complex matters. In the words of one instructing solicitor: "Their ability to handle complex and sophisticated work is excellent - they are extremely knowledgeable and are innovative in their approach."
  4. 3
    Wilberforce Chambers
    Commercial Dispute Resolution
    2023 | Band 3 | 14 Years Ranked
    Wilberforce Chambers has at its disposal a strong bench of commercial barristers, with particularly impressive capability at silk level. Its members are capable of handling a wide spectrum of commercial matters, including, among others, cases arising out of company law, insolvency and civil fraud. The set's barristers are well known for their ability to represent clients in international disputes, and regularly appear in a range of jurisdictions such as Hong Kong, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. In recent months members acted on Craig Wright, Tulip Trading Ltd and Others v Persons Unknown, Various Bitcoin Developers, a claim for, and brought by, the inventor of Bitcoin, whose computer was hacked and who as a result had lost access to Bitcoin worth £2–3 billion. A solicitor comments: "Wilberforce Chambers provides excellent, specialist advice tempered with commercial sense. Its members are always prepared to assist despite time pressures and the complexity of matters."
  5. 3
    XXIV Old Buildings
    Commercial Dispute Resolution
    2023 | Band 3 | 9 Years Ranked
    XXIV Old Buildings possesses significant talent in the commercial litigation sphere at both silk and junior level, and has barristers who are praised by interviewees for being "able to handle complex and sophisticated matters with ease." It is regularly involved in key cases across the sector. By way of example, recent matters handled by the tenants include Advinia Care Homes Limited v Bupa Care Homes Investments (Holdings) Limited & Others, a commercial dispute arising from the takeover of various care homes by another healthcare provider. Barristers here are not only experienced in handling disputes in the UK, but also frequently act in cases overseas, and have noteworthy experience in jurisdictions in the Middle East and the Caribbean, among many others. Instructing solicitors praise XXIV Old Buildings barristers as being "exceptionally able to digest, analyse and clearly articulate their advice, even when faced with the most complex cases."
Band 4
  1. 4
    4 New Square Chambers
    Commercial Dispute Resolution
    2023 | Band 4 | 7 Years Ranked
    Instructing solicitors praise 4 New Square for being "jam-packed with talent and capability" and note that the barristers are "extremely well adept at handling complex and sophisticated matters." The set's barristers are recognised for being well acquainted with domestic commercial cases, and also gain recognition for their involvement in high-profile cross-border litigation. One recent highlight saw barristers act for the claimant in Kazakhstan Kagazy v Arip & Others, a long-running USD300 million Commercial Court claim. The matter has been through a 13-week trial, several appeals to the Court of Appeal, and is now in the midst of a complex enforcement battle involving extremely valuable trust assets held in London, Switzerland, Cyprus, Dubai and elsewhere. The practitioners here are in high demand and are noted by solicitors for being "highly analytical and intellectually rigorous."
  2. 4
    South Square
    Commercial Dispute Resolution
    2023 | Band 4 | 8 Years Ranked
    South Square operates a thriving commercial dispute practice, and houses a strong bench of leading silks and juniors. Its practitioners are active in sophisticated litigation, with recent cases handled by the team including Greensill Capital/Credit Suisse v SoftBank, in which members of chambers were involved in various significant pieces of litigation arising from the collapse of Greensill Capital, the supply chain finance business. The set is the clear market leader for commercial cases arising out of insolvency, as illustrated by solicitors who say: "No other chambers is comparable in terms of breadth and depth of restructuring expertise."
Band 5
  1. 5
    2 Temple Gardens
    Commercial Dispute Resolution
    2023 | Band 5 | 6 Years Ranked
    The barristers at 2 Temple Gardens are routinely retained by clients seeking representation in commercial disputes involving companies in the UK and overseas, and have a particular flair for litigation involving contract disputes. One recent noteworthy case saw members act for Elite Insurance Company v BCR Legal, CRL Management and BCR Group, a highly technical and complex case for a Gibraltan insurer (on instructions from PwC, the administrator) concerning breach of a binder agreement entered into with the coverholder defendant, and their appointed representative. The set's barristers are praised by interviewees for "giving good legal advice and understanding the client's drivers and commercial needs."
  2. 5
    4 Pump Court
    Commercial Dispute Resolution
    2023 | Band 5 | 9 Years Ranked
    4 Pump Court exhibits marked capability in the commercial litigation market and has expertise spanning a wide range of disciplines, such as construction, energy, insurance and shipping. Its barristers adroitly tackle international mandates, steering clients through cases across the globe, including in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. One recent noteworthy case saw members act for Kestrel on Quartz Assets LLC and Others v Kestrel Coal Midco, a Commercial Court claim, in which Kestrel was being sued by lenders concerning the provision of mezzanine finance for the acquisition of mining assets from Rio Tinto for around USD2 billion. Solicitors describe 4 Pump Court as a "very capable and reliable set with strong technical expertise and excellent commercial and client skills."
  3. 5
    Erskine Chambers
    Commercial Dispute Resolution
    2023 | Band 5 | 9 Years Ranked
    Erskine Chambers stands out for its considerable strength in litigation, and has an experienced silk bench capable of handling multi-jurisdictional disputes. Its barristers have a strong track record in the market, as evidenced by their representation of Carillion, a matter on which several members acted for the former finance director of Carillion Plc in directors’ disqualification proceedings. Instructing solicitors refer to Erskine as "always a go-to for any complex corporate matter."
  4. 5
    Gatehouse Chambers
    Commercial Dispute Resolution
    2023 | Band 5 | 6 Years Ranked
    Gatehouse Chambers is home to talented silks and juniors who are regularly sought out for both domestic and cross-border matters, and have appeared in cases stretching as far afield as the Middle East and the Caribbean. Well known for their capabilities in dispute resolution, members at the set make regular appearances before the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. The barristers continue to handle complex cases such as the SKAT litigation, a £2 billion case concerning alleged fraud relating to claims for withholding tax on dividends. Instructing solicitors are confident in Gatehouse because "there is such a wide selection of expertise that I know my clients will be looked after and get the best possible service."
  5. 5
    Littleton Chambers
    Commercial Dispute Resolution
    2023 | Band 5 | 6 Years Ranked
    Littleton Chambers has a highly creditable domestic and international commercial dispute resolution practice. Its barristers are recognised for their involvement in widely publicised cases, including cases from Russia and the CIS. Examples of the complex work handled by the barristers at Littleton Chambers includes Jinxin v Media Partners and Silva LLC and Others, a USD660 million Commercial Court dispute concerning a leading sport media rights agency which held worldwide distribution rights to the Serie A football league. With an impressive record across the market, its barristers are often called upon to represent clients before the highest courts. Instructing solicitors are impressed by the "excellent strength in depth, and the presence of counsel adept at dealing with the most complex and demanding matters."